Ricciotti: The Best Italian Restaurant in Singapore


If you’re a true-blue Italian or you just discovered so much love for Italian cuisines, then maybe you’re in the hunt for the best Italian restaurants wherever you go. If you ever step your foot in Asia or Singapore in particular, you may want to try visiting and dining at Ricciotti – the so-called-best Italian restaurant in Singapore.

We’ll tackle some reasons below for you to do so:

  1. Authentic Italian Cuisines

Not every Italian restaurant you’ll visit in Singapore would provide you authentic Italian taste. However, with Ricciotti, you can be sure that your taste buds will get to enjoy this rare find. They made it certain that every table will be served with nothing but authentic Italian meals.

Divine chefs only use fresh and premium ingredients for their high quality and well – cooked dishes. Ricciotti Italian menu ranges from antipasti, insalate, primi piatti, secondi, pane, pizza, dolce to small bites. Devouring on these while going gaga over their beverage choices will absolutely satisfy your Italian cravings!

2. Italian Home-Like Ambiance

As you enter this resto, you won’t feel like entering an ordinary restaurant. Instead, it would make you feel as if you’re in for a home gathering in Italy. The great minds behind Ricciotti didn’t only consider putting up a resto that offers authentic meals; they also see to it that customers and guest would experience the Italian vibes.

To ensure they’re bringing the perfect mood and ambiance, they went into detail of how an informal home gathering in Italy usually looks and feels like. They considered everything from passion, laughter, tradition, love, and joy down to loud conversations which generally make up an Italian food setup.

  1. Generosity

And when I say generosity, it doesn’t only mean generosity with the meals served. Aside from offering meals with generous servings, Ricciotti also made sure that they are contributing back to the society. Their dream is to use F&B as a powerful tool to develop and communities. It’s no wonder this resto had been successful for over ten years and will continue to succeed more through the coming years.

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