What Are the Differences Between a Gastropub and Restaurant


Gastropubs are similar and yet different from restaurants. And knowing the difference between gastropub and restaurant helps to choose the best place where you can find some refreshment as well as relaxation as per your taste and style. Some people drink, and some don’t. Hence their choices vary too. If you are nonalcoholic, then you would prefer a restaurant. But if you prefer a drink with your food, then you would go for a gastropub. Moreover, a non-alcoholic may also accompany you to a gastropub, as the place would be offering a nice restaurant style menu for filling the tummy.

What are Gastropubs

What exactly is a gastropub? Well, it’s a pub which looks after your gastronomic needs too with equal importance to the food and wine. Here, the finest quality liquor is served with a very good quality of food at the same time. And the purpose is to make the drinking experience better and much enjoyable. Most gastropubs have an ambience which looks like a restaurant cum bar. They look decent, and families can well go to gastropubs if most of you drink.

The food served is of good quality to avoid any stomach upset or vomiting problem due to drinking. Also the drinks served are not of cheap quality. Hence when you are drinking and eating together at a gastropub, then you can be sure that you get decent quality food and drink together. Most good gastropubs serve a nice menu, which goes very well with drinks, and you get some good choices to select the food.

Music is also played in gastropubs. And sometimes there are live music and vocal performances too. But these are on display with decency, because the crowds anticipated in these places are also decent, corporate, family and tourist.


Restaurants are everywhere in every city of the world. You won’t find a place that has no restaurant. And if you have no interest in alcoholic beverages, then you can straightway head to a restaurant and treat yourself.

The Main Difference Between a Gastropub and Restaurant

The main difference is that, you will not be allowed to drink liquor in a restaurant. But you can go to a gastropub and order only the food and not any liquor, and you won’t be questioned for that. That is why, you must do a good research about the good restaurants and gastropubs in a city before you plan to visit one. This will save your time and from unnecessary harassment too.

You Can Tell the Difference Between the Two

You will be able to easily differentiate between a restaurant and a gastropub, as it would be marked with signs on a map and on the shop or billboard too. Therefore, you won’t have any difficulty reading and knowing it.

If you are in a new city as a tourist, and looking for a decent place to eat and drink, and have a relaxed time, then instead of choosing a pub or bar, you may go for a gastropub. Quality and ambience issues would not bother you, and you will really have a relaxing time there. Now that you know what the difference between a gastropub and restaurant is, making a list of the city’s best gastropubs well ahead of your visit can be made a part of the tour plan.

Hence, basically a gastropub is a smart and tasteful amalgamation of a restaurant and a bar or pub, where you find good food and good wine with good ambience and people.

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